PostHeaderIcon Gregory Baltoro 75: An Excellent Choice for Backpacking (Review)

Gregory Baltoro 75 Pack - Moss GreenGregory is a name that is well-known in the outdoors and backpacking communities, and for good reason. Their backpacks are some of the best made on the market, and their comfort, fit, design, and functionability put them ahead of other brands and competition. The Gregory Baltoro 75 is no exception. Below, we will dissect this backpack, looking at the features and strengths of this technical backpack.

Starting with the capacity of this pack, the Baltoro 75 is an absolute beast. With a max loading capacity of 4760 cubic inches (for the large size), you will easily be able to pack for extended backpacking trips of more than a week long. Organization is simple with 8 exterior pockets. The main compartment can be accessed from the top, bottom or front of the pack, allowing you to easily grab an item without unpacking your entire bag. A resevoir sleeve keeps your hydration bladder separate as well.

The comfort of the Gregory Baltoro 75 pack is what really sets it apart from other similarly-sized backpacks. With the revolutionary Response AFS suspension system, the waist belt rotates independently and automatically adjusts to your hip angle. This system pivots as you hike, automatically and evenly distributing the weight of your pack without hindering your movement. The padding on the belt, back, and shoulder straps is thermal molded EVA, and the lumbar support is grippy to keep the pack properly situated on your back. Try this pack on, and you will see how comfortable it truly is. Click here for more information on getting the proper fit for your Gregory Baltoro 75 backpack.

Gregory Baltoro 75 Technical Pack - GrayThe weight of the pack is 5 pounds, 10 ounces, which is fairly lightweight for a bag of its size. The durable 210 denier double diamond ripstop fabric makes up the outer shell. The top lid is removable, and can be used as a fanny pack or sling pack once you have established base camp. Gregory offers lifetime warranties on all of their packs as well, so even if your Baltoro 75 doesn’t withstand the abuse of the outdoors, Gregory is very good at replacing damaged parts.

In all, the Gregory Baltoro 75 backpack is one of the best options on the market today. If you are an avid outdoorsman and backpacker, the Baltoro 75 will meet your needs and then some. Try it out today, and you will see why so many gear reviewers and hikers praise this pack for comfort and design.

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PostHeaderIcon Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses Are Still Popular with Brides

David's Bridal Wedding DressOleg Cassini was an influential designer who became popular for his amazing and timeless wedding dresses. He belonged to a well-off family in Russia and was largely influenced by his mother’s love for fashion. His mother, who was a hat designer, let the young boy tag along with her as she traveled in Paris, which made a huge impact in his future designs.

He became an apprentice of then-famous designer Jean Patou, and started his career in fashion designing at Paramount Pictures, wherein he worked along with Edith Head. Oleg Cassini wedding dresses began to hit the bridal collection market when he worked for a bridal shop named David’s Bridal in the 1950’s.

Although it has been six years since his passing, Oleg Cassini wedding dresses remain a hit, especially for brides who would like to look elegant during their big day. His legacy lives on and to this day, his designs are being enjoyed by soon-to-be brides. In fact, new Cassini wedding dresses are still being launched every now and then. This wedding dress guru influenced a lot of designers and his fabulous creations have served as inspiration to a lot of aspiring fashion artists. Cassini’s wedding dresses remain a trendsetter, so after he passed away, a bridal collection was named after him.

Oleg Cassini Wedding DressOleg Cassini wedding dresses aim to display the bride’s personality and to exude elegance. The new styles of Cassini wedding dresses show glamour and class. Mixed with different colors to bring the dresses to life, the Oleg Cassini brand never fails to bring every girl’s dream to life.

To complement the wedding dresses, the Cassini bridal collection now offers other items that are designed to go perfectly with the dresses. These items include shoes, handbags, and other accessories. The designer makes sure that everything a bride could need is provided. Bridal accessories are available in many designs and colors to match your dress.

The colors most commonly used in Cassini’s wedding dresses and accessories are purple, blue, champagne, and ivory. Cassini believed that these colors make a bride look stunning.

His creations may be costly, but for the bride planning her dream wedding, they are worth every cent.

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PostHeaderIcon Essential Police Fashion Accessories

The “Police” fashion label is a innovative fashion brand which has always taken its inspiration from city culture and fashion since it was founded in the 1980s. The genre of items in the Police fashion collection couldn’t be described as particularly formal or “dressy;” their fashion accessories are more stylistic and functional which is why they appeal to fashion-conscious individuals. Celebrities such as David Beckham and George Clooney are two of the many famous faces associated with the the brand.

Police S8299580E70 Aviator Sunglasses

Police S8299580E70 Aviator SunglassesAs a perfect example, take the classic design of Police Aviator glasses. Right from the start, Police established their reputation by producing stylish shades and their Aviator shades have become a design classic.

First and foremost, these Aviator shades will provide the ultimate protection from the sun’s rays with their 100% UV lenses. You will never grow tired of wearing them because they are ultra comfortable with their adjustable rubber nose pads and durable lightweight metal frames.

In addition to the practical qualities of these shades, they are an essential fashion accessory which should form part of anyone’s outfit. The design of Police Aviators could be considered very masculine but this doesn’t restrict their usage to males; they are equally appealing when worn by women.

Police Men’s PL-11289JSTU/61M Fuel Gray Chronograph Watch

Police Men's PL-11289JSTU-61M Fuel Gray Dial WatchAnother “must have” accessory for any fashion-conscious individual is a wristwatch. Police has produce a varied range of stylish wristwatches. They are all very masculine with bold designs. They have a solid construction and their design is typically smart in appearance, making them suitable for everyday or formal wear.

The above Police Chronograph watch is a prime example of everything that is good about Police watches. It has a heavy duty stainless-steel strap and body with a “gun metal” watch gray face. It features a sports chronograph and is water resistant to a depth of 330 ft. The watch has a very stylish appearance that is suitable for all occasions–formal, recreation or casual.

All Police watches include an extended two-year warranty and are only sold by authorized retailers such as the Watch Depot.