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PostHeaderIcon This Fall’s Fashion Trends for Women

At one of Thierry Mugler’s shows this season, Lady Gaga came onstage while smoking a cigarette. This was the moment that seemed to define the two different clothing trends for fall. Fashion trends for this fall come into two distinct categories. One of the styles that is really popular this season is full of elegance and the other is all about show. You can probably guess which category Lady Gaga’s choice of apparel would fall under. Over all, this fall’s fashion trends have showcased a return to chic, yet feminine clothing. Fall’s clothing offers sophisticated fashions that are anything but boring.

Nichola Formichetti is Lady Gaga’s fashion director and was recently appointed as the creative director of Mugler. One of his goals was to add a touch of fantasy to the catwalk with the women’s wear show. Many were expecting some far fetched, crazy trends and were disappointed when the trends turned out to be mostly sheer-paneled bodysuits with crazy shoulders. His creations are not so much for the everyday person as they are for the celebrities who are hoping to brand themselves as fashion forward and distinct. Those of us who dress for ourselves, and not our fans, might not find much use in that collection.

Lady Gaga  - Thierry MuglerGalliano’s collection turned out to be beautiful. He created some plaid jackets made from silk which are beautifully draped. His collection also included robe dresses which have a lot of elaborate embroidery. Galliano had a fall from grace, of sorts. He went into a rant full of bigotry after a drunken bout. It is said that Galliano has struggled with addiction for some time and he made a public apology over his rant. Rumor is that he is in rehab.

This fall season, American designers compared favorably with European designers. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough explored some interesting jacquard prints that were computerized. This was their take on macramé skirts and American Indian blankets. Other designers embraced the trend of using computers as well. Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte used some computers when they made wheat fields flow across their prairie dresses.

The ever popular Michael Kors was excited to celebrate thirty years in the fashion industry by showcasing some of his biggest fashion industry hits. Some fashion newcomers also did similar by sharing their own visions for some of the fall’s elegant fashions.

In the fall, most women begin to pull out their cool-weather clothing to prepare for the winter. This season, however, skirts are in and are seen in a variety of longer lengths ranging from just below the knee to down to the floor. Although fall offers a return to clothes full of femininity, sophistication, and elegance, there is nothing ho-hum about the styles.

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