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PostHeaderIcon Top 8 Fashion Tips to Flatter a Post-Pregnancy Body

Just when you think that nothing could ever happen that would burst that bubble of joy that comes from spending time with your cute little newborn, someone pops the question: “When are you due?” This can be disconcerting, to say the least, but it took nine months for your stomach to get that big; it will not shrink and disappear overnight!

The pre-pregnancy body should return after a few months (hopefully) but that does not mean that the new mom is stuck with sweatshirts and oversized T-shirts for the time being. Here are a few style tips that should help new mothers make the best of that postpartum body in the meantime.

1. Shapewear is Your Friend

While it might not be a good idea to get a full body-shaping suit, especially in summer, you can never go wrong with shaping briefs. Opt for briefs with straps that can attach to any bra. These will have the wonderful effect of slimming your bum and hips and the post-partum tummy all the way to just beneath your bust.

Such shaping briefs are also known to give C-Section mothers some relief by applying pressure to the scar area and protecting it from the waistlines of outer garments.  Shaping camis are another great option. Most of them look like tank tops and can be layered under a flowing top.

2. Avoid Empire Waistlines

These are common designs with the waistline cut just under the bust. It is perfect for hiding the tummy, right? Wrong. Most empire waistline dresses and tops are not so billowy, so that cut just above your tummy will only serve to accentuate it instead of hiding it.

Go for trapeze tops or dresses instead. These begin to flow from just under the armpits and can hide the tummy like nothing else can. Most of these are billowy enough to be worn on their own but for maximum effect, you can layer them over a shaping cami. To offset the volume, pair the top with a pair of shorts or cropped pants to create a flattering look.

3. Structured Blazer

Structured Blazer

This structured blazer is available at

This is a bold look with endless possibilities. The deep V-neck actually hides the postpartum belly and the bold colors draw attention up towards your face. This can be paired with shorts and some nice heels for a hot date or thrown over a tank top and jeans for a day in.

4. Linen Sweaters

A linen sweater with a large draping neckline, short sleeves, dolman-sleeve arms and a breezy fit will do wonders in hiding that tummy. Better still, it can be layered over a shaping cami for maximum tummy taming.

5. Prints

Prints should be a new mom’s best friend—the bolder the better.  Because they are so eye-catching, they tend to draw away focus from any body imperfections. They are also great for concealing any leaks and add a bit of cheer to the wardrobe. As a plus, they will probably mesmerize your baby too! Pair these with some neutral-colored pants to balance out the look.

6. Peplum Tops

These are fitted at your bust then flare out for a fun effect. The secret behind the peplum top’s tummy hiding ability is in finding one that flares out just where the tummy starts. The peplum top has much more volume than your average empire waistline top, so it can hide the leftover baby belly much better. Pair your peplum top with a pair of slim cropped pants for a fabulous look. It looks great with shorts, maxi skirts, or any other slim bottoms too.

7. Tuck it In

Surprised? Tucking in a billowy top into your pants can actually work for new moms. If done correctly, tucking your shirt in can create a waistline even where there is none and hide that belly wonderfully.

8. Show Some Skin

One of the easiest ways to camouflage that new baby belly is to simply draw attention away from it. Wear tops that show off your arms instead of your belly. Coupled with cute shoes and confidence, no one will have a chance to notice your tummy!

Erica McPherson is a fashion blogger and has written posts to help women dress in style during and after pregnancy. You can see a great collection of designer formal dresses on her website.