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PostHeaderIcon The Four C’s of Men’s Diamond Rings

With the popularity of men’s diamond rings on the rise, it’s a good idea to educate yourself a little on what you are buying. Here is a closer look at the all important four C’s, especially as they pertain to men’s diamond rings.


The Four C’s of Men’s Diamond RingsThe clarity of a diamond is fairly straightforward—it simply reflects the number of imperfections found in a particular stone. Any inclusions in a diamond are totally natural and to be expected, and as a general rule do not greatly detract from a diamond’s beauty. The diamond clarity scale begins at I3 and tops out at FL, and can be divided into five major categories: I (included), SI (slightly included), VSI (very slightly included), VVSI (very, very slightly included) and FL (flawless) or IF (internally flawless, meaning any external imperfection could be removed). An included diamond has flaws visible to the naked eye, whereas a flawless diamond has no inclusions even when viewed fewer than 10 x magnifications (flawless diamonds are extremely rare). Each of these categories has its own subdivisions to further describe a diamond’s clarity. As one might expect, the higher the clarity, the more expensive the diamond. For men’s diamond rings that have more than one stone, sometimes a clarity range will be given, like I1-I3.


Yellow and brown diamonds are actually more common than colorless diamonds, so the more colorless or “white” the diamond, the more expensive it tends to be. The color of a diamond measures how noticeable a diamond’s color (or lack thereof) is. This scale ranges from D to Z, and goes from most colorless to most colored. Anything from D to F is considered to be colorless, H through G is nearly undetectably colorless, I through J is nearly colorless, and M through Z is increasingly colored. D grade is very rare and is considered to be absolutely colorless. For smaller stones in men’s diamond rings, you may not be given an exact color grade—this tends to be expressed only for larger diamonds.

Carat Weight

Carats or carat weight specifically measure a diamond’s weight, and is not to be confused with karats that measures purity for gold. A single carat is the equivalent to 0.2 grams. It’s important to make the distinction that a diamond’s carats reflect its actual weight, not its apparent size or shape. Particular cuts can make a diamond appear to be larger than a similarly weighted diamond in another cut. Like clarity, if you buy men’s diamond rings with many stones you may be given a total carat weight rather than the weight of each stone.


The Four C’s of Men’s Diamond RingsWhile the cut of diamonds found in modern jewelry can range from marquis to emerald to radiant, the round or round brilliant cut is most commonly seen in men’s diamond rings. The round brilliant cut was developed in 1919, and has 57 to 58 facets. Not only does the round brilliant cut showcase the incomparable sparkle of diamonds to an impressive degree, but it is considered to be a “safe” cut—that is, there are no easily broken off thin points.

It should be noted that while the terms round and round brilliant cut are often used interchangeably, they are not one and the same. Round refers just to the basic shape of the diamond, and not the actual pattern of cuts/facets. For vintage or antique men’s diamond rings, you may see old mine or European cut diamonds, which are essentially the direct predecessors of the modern round brilliant, and can still be classified as round cut. While similar in shape, both of these cuts have fewer facets than the modern round brilliant, although both are still undeniably attractive.

While the four C’s are an important starting point for your diamond research, there are other factors to take into consideration when you are buying yellow gold men’s diamond rings, especially as they are likely to directly influence the value of your ring. Certification is sometimes considered to be the “fifth C,” and often accompanies larger diamonds. This diamond certificate is generated by one or more gemologists and clearly evaluates and presents a diamond’s particular qualities, including the four C’s.

You should also be aware of if you are buying a natural or synthetic diamond, as synthetic diamonds are far less expensive and do not hold the same value. Finally, if deciding between two particular men’s diamonds rings, a final swaying point can be the actual setting of the diamond, although this is normally just a personal preference.

Author Bio: This article was written by Tanya Zilinskas Naouri, who thinks that platinum men’s wedding rings are the right choice for men’s wedding bands.

PostHeaderIcon Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face

Choosing the right sunglasses is more complicated than it may seem. That is why it often seems so hard to find a pair of sunglasses that look good by simply trying random pairs off the rack. This is a trial and error process that leads to many more failures than successes. Follow these tips to help determine the best kinds of sunglasses to fit your style.

Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

SunglassesThe single most important factor to pick the right kind of sunglasses is to know your face shape. Different face shapes benefit from different styles of sunglasses. In general, you want to go with a shape that contrasts with your face shape.

For example, those with round faces should pick out angular styles of sunglasses. Rectangular frames look great on round faces. A narrow pair of frames will help to lengthen a round face.

People with oval faces have naturally balanced appearances. They will do best by selecting sunglasses that keep this balance. Wayfarers and aviators both look great on an oval face.

A square face needs to be softened with some round frames. Aviators are the best choices for those with square faces.

Those that have faces that are disproportionately big on the top or bottom can offset this by selecting sunglasses that are colored brightly on the half of the face that is smaller.

Choosing the Right Sunglasses for Your Skin Tone

Skin tone is the next most important factor in selecting a fashionable pair of sunglasses. Those with pale complexions will do best to select frames that are silver, gold, pink, blue, jade and black.

Those with olive or darker skin will do best to select frames that have warm colors like tortoiseshell, camel, gold, khaki, peach, orange, red and copper.

In general, pick a warm color for a darker complexion and a cool color for a lighter one.

Follow these steps and you will make selecting a pair of fashionable sunglasses much more of a science, instead of a guessing game.

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PostHeaderIcon This Fall’s Fashion Trends for Women

At one of Thierry Mugler’s shows this season, Lady Gaga came onstage while smoking a cigarette. This was the moment that seemed to define the two different clothing trends for fall. Fashion trends for this fall come into two distinct categories. One of the styles that is really popular this season is full of elegance and the other is all about show. You can probably guess which category Lady Gaga’s choice of apparel would fall under. Over all, this fall’s fashion trends have showcased a return to chic, yet feminine clothing. Fall’s clothing offers sophisticated fashions that are anything but boring.

Nichola Formichetti is Lady Gaga’s fashion director and was recently appointed as the creative director of Mugler. One of his goals was to add a touch of fantasy to the catwalk with the women’s wear show. Many were expecting some far fetched, crazy trends and were disappointed when the trends turned out to be mostly sheer-paneled bodysuits with crazy shoulders. His creations are not so much for the everyday person as they are for the celebrities who are hoping to brand themselves as fashion forward and distinct. Those of us who dress for ourselves, and not our fans, might not find much use in that collection.

Lady Gaga  - Thierry MuglerGalliano’s collection turned out to be beautiful. He created some plaid jackets made from silk which are beautifully draped. His collection also included robe dresses which have a lot of elaborate embroidery. Galliano had a fall from grace, of sorts. He went into a rant full of bigotry after a drunken bout. It is said that Galliano has struggled with addiction for some time and he made a public apology over his rant. Rumor is that he is in rehab.

This fall season, American designers compared favorably with European designers. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough explored some interesting jacquard prints that were computerized. This was their take on macramé skirts and American Indian blankets. Other designers embraced the trend of using computers as well. Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte used some computers when they made wheat fields flow across their prairie dresses.

The ever popular Michael Kors was excited to celebrate thirty years in the fashion industry by showcasing some of his biggest fashion industry hits. Some fashion newcomers also did similar by sharing their own visions for some of the fall’s elegant fashions.

In the fall, most women begin to pull out their cool-weather clothing to prepare for the winter. This season, however, skirts are in and are seen in a variety of longer lengths ranging from just below the knee to down to the floor. Although fall offers a return to clothes full of femininity, sophistication, and elegance, there is nothing ho-hum about the styles.

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