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PostHeaderIcon Lucchese N4551 Boots

Lucchese N4551 Boots

1883 by Lucchese Women’s N4551 5/4 Western Boot,Black,8 B(M)US

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These Lucchese N4551 boots are absolutely gorgeous. They are embroidered all over with a multi-colored floral design and are made from black buffalo skin. If you click the link above to see them on, you can move your cursor over the photo to enlarge the details. This will allow you to see the individual stitches and the creases in the buffalo skin, which make it look so soft and comfortable that I want to touch it through the screen.

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Lucchese alligator boots are high-quality, hand-crafted cowboy boots made with real alligator leather. They are available in several different styles, some of which are pictured below. These boots come in a variety of colors, including tan, rust, black and white.

All Lucchese alligator boots are made with alligator in the foot section of the boot, but the type of leather used in the upper shaft of the boot depends on which style of Lucchese alligator boots you purchase. Some of the types of leather used for the shafts are buffalo, calf skin and kangaroo.

Like all Lucchese boots, the Lucchese alligator boot is made by hand in a factory in El Paso, Texas. The company takes great pride in the workmanship and quality of its boots and uses only the finest materials to produce each pair of boots.

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