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PostHeaderIcon Oleg Cassini Wedding Dresses Are Still Popular with Brides

David's Bridal Wedding DressOleg Cassini was an influential designer who became popular for his amazing and timeless wedding dresses. He belonged to a well-off family in Russia and was largely influenced by his mother’s love for fashion. His mother, who was a hat designer, let the young boy tag along with her as she traveled in Paris, which made a huge impact in his future designs.

He became an apprentice of then-famous designer Jean Patou, and started his career in fashion designing at Paramount Pictures, wherein he worked along with Edith Head. Oleg Cassini wedding dresses began to hit the bridal collection market when he worked for a bridal shop named David’s Bridal in the 1950’s.

Although it has been six years since his passing, Oleg Cassini wedding dresses remain a hit, especially for brides who would like to look elegant during their big day. His legacy lives on and to this day, his designs are being enjoyed by soon-to-be brides. In fact, new Cassini wedding dresses are still being launched every now and then.┬áThis wedding dress guru influenced a lot of designers and his fabulous creations have served as inspiration to a lot of aspiring fashion artists. Cassini’s wedding dresses remain a trendsetter, so after he passed away, a bridal collection was named after him.

Oleg Cassini Wedding DressOleg Cassini wedding dresses aim to display the bride’s personality and to exude elegance. The new styles of Cassini wedding dresses show glamour and class. Mixed with different colors to bring the dresses to life, the Oleg Cassini brand never fails to bring every girl’s dream to life.

To complement the wedding dresses, the Cassini bridal collection now offers other items that are designed to go perfectly with the dresses. These items include shoes, handbags, and other accessories. The designer makes sure that everything a bride could need is provided. Bridal accessories are available in many designs and colors to match your dress.

The colors most commonly used in Cassini’s wedding dresses and accessories are purple, blue, champagne, and ivory. Cassini believed that these colors make a bride look stunning.

His creations may be costly, but for the bride planning her dream wedding, they are worth every cent.

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