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PostHeaderIcon Dressing For Success: The Different Styles of Successful Women

Successful women have a style all their own.

Of course, having access to stylists and designers will always help! But it’s almost as if whatever you wear, it will look good on you because it is not about the clothes. It’s about the successful woman who is wearing them.

When you are a successful woman, your success is communicated in the way you stand and in the way you speak. It’s in the confidence of your posture, in the way you move. Your success becomes a part of you.

People see or sense “that something special” before they see what clothes you wear.

JK Rowling – Bestselling Author

JK RowlingEven though you might be a quiet person and not someone who gladly shares the spotlight, people notice your personality. Look at JK Rowling. Unlike Oprah or Angeline Jolie, JK Rowling is what I would call someone who is low profile. But this very fact makes her even more sought after. You want to know what she is thinking, her views, her opinions, her lifestyle, her children, her rags to riches story, her life before and now but you won’t find this information readily as J K Rowling very rarely gives interviews.

Yet when you see her pictures from film premieres or shows, she is beautifully dressed and her clothes spell out her success. When she is on the red carpet, you will see her in high couture clothing and she will be dressed for high glamour. But at a book opening, even in a simple dress, J K Rowling exudes confidence and an elegant poise. This must come naturally after a while to someone who has had so much success and continues to inspire others.

When you are no longer struggling to “make it” or trying to bring up a child as a single mom, the worries and stresses of paying the bills and trying to put food on the table are no longer there.

JK Rowling could be wearing a $5 top from a discount clothing store and it would not matter. I think I would still be interested in HER as a person and the aura she has around her, for “being” J K Rowling and everything she has accomplished is what stands out more.

Oprah Winfrey – High Powered Global Media Icon

Oprah WinfreyConsider Oprah Winfrey’s dress sense. She has the money to choose high-end designer dresses and outfits and she has access to a host of makeup artists and clothes stylists.

Oprah’s signature style is the chic and business look. Power dressing but not as defined or as exaggerated as the clothes that Joan Collins and Linda Evans would have worn in “Dynasty” back in the 80s. Not to say that Oprah’s dress sense is dated—it isn’t. Her style is quite powerful.

Oprah makes no attempt to hide her battle with her weight. Sometimes you will see her having lost a considerable amount of weight after having gone on a strict eating regime or exercise routine.

However, sooner or later, you’ll see Oprah’s weight settle back to what we are used to seeing: she is not thin, but an ample and endowed woman. She looks good with her weight. She seems to wear her clothes with ease and because of this they suit her.

When you I look at pictures of Oprah, I see an advertising powerhouse. Hers is also a rags to riches story and her success has lasted for decades. She wears her style well but put Oprah in a $5 top and I think it would not look right. She has a more powerful, “in your face” style of fashion.

Angelina Jolie – Hollywood Actress

Angelina JolieAs a mother of six, Angelina Jolie looks terrific! We see pictures of her beautifully dressed in a flowing chiffon designer gown on the red carpet in Cannes and she looks stunning.

And then the next day we’ll see pictures of Angelina in her jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt. And she will still look amazing. Her signature long brown hair looks great whether it is up in a bun or whether she has left it loose and almost unbrushed.

This is someone who appeals to many of us moms—particularly because she is a mom of six. Sure, she probably has lots of help with the children and the budget and access to stylists to help her choose her wardrobe. However, she also has the height, facial features, and physical body to carry it all off.

Angelina has come under attack for losing a lot of weight quickly and has often looked thin and gaunt with the veins on her arms and hands sticking out.

Angelina JolieHowever, she is one woman who can combine high-chic glamour with elegant and stylish daily dressing. Known for being wild and passionate in her early days pre-motherhood, it seems that having children has had a calming effect on her style sense and life in general.

Put Angelina in a $5 top and she would still look like a model!

Successful women can afford the best in clothes and stylists but whether we have the money or not, we all have a sense of style that is unique to us. Find out what yours is. If there is someone famous you admire, watch them and you’ll soon see a familiar pattern emerge.

You don’t need to buy high-fashion clothing; you just need to get good at copying others and finding cheaper alternatives that will look just as good on you. The secret to dressing well is the confidence with which you wear your clothes and carry yourself.

Shelley Kim is the mother of three amazing children and the founder of, a website that showcases toys for children such as Lego Castle Sets and Monster High’s Lagoona Blue doll.