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PostHeaderIcon Who Started the Snakeskin Strapbacks Trend?

San Antonio Spurs Snakeskin Strapback Hat

Celebrities Who are Wearing Strapbacks

If you keep up with celebrity fashion trends, you may have realized something. Several hot male celebrities are now sporting custom strapback hats. These hats are like baseball caps, yet they are distinctive because they feature snakeskin brims. Celebrities such as Kanye West, Big Sean, and Jay-Z are responsible for starting the snakeskin strapbacks trend. Other celebrities beyond the hip hop realm have also been known to sport a strapback hat. Numerous athletes have worn these snakeskin-brimmed hats that bear their team logos.

Who Makes Strapback Hats and How Are They Made?

It may have been Kanye West who pushed strapback hats into the mainstream, though Don C, his manager, is credited as being the first manufacturer and designer. His line of Mitchell & Ness custom hats has remained popular throughout the past few years. Hats created by Don C are considered among the best out there today.

Originally, strapbacks were custom made to order. These days, both pre-made and custom strapback hats are being sold. The snakeskin that is used for the brims is mostly taken from the wild pythons of Indonesia. These snakes are skinned, and their hides are sent out to tanneries to be made into leather. After the skins have been tanned, Don C and other designers receive them in order to make the hats that are so popular with celebrities today.

Even though these hats have grown in popularity, many animal rights organizations are protesting against how the snakes are killed. They say that the snakes are being treated inhumanely. There are witnesses who claim that such snakes are taken alive and allowed to starve or left to face exposure to the elements.

Strapback Hat Styles that Are the Most Popular

The sports teams that are most frequently represented on the hats are the Chicago Bulls and the New York Yankees. That is because these two teams are the ones that were originally worn by Kanye West and Jay-Z. Many people want to support their favorite teams by wearing the team logos on their hats, so the top sellers on eBay are now the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, and Atlanta Falcons. Among the most popular designers of strapbacks are RSVP and Don C because of the impeccable quality of the hats. Other brands, such as, also offer outstanding quality strapbacks. For those who can’t afford a designer hat, it has become easy to locate good quality knock-offs at an inexpensive price that are made with both faux and real snakeskin.

The RSVP online gallery features many Don C. hats for sale. However, you will have to pay top dollar for the real thing. The hats usually are priced at around $400 each. Cheap strapbacks may be found on discount and auction websites like eBay. Don C. hats may be less than $100 on some of these websites. Faux snakeskin strapback hats may be purchased if you are turned off by wearing the real snakeskin. Specialty hat websites and sites such as eBay offer many cheap strapback hat alternatives that are crafted from faux snakeskin.